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Bean counter or being counted? challenges facing public sector CFOs

What does it take to be an effective CFO in the public sector? And what can finance professionals do to have more strategic impact? Mandarin associate publisher James Judge talks to some CFOs (on and off the record) to get the answers on challenges facing public sector CFOs In most government agencies, the strategic objectives…
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Mentoring matters: five tips to help ensure program effectiveness

Lots of organisations have mentoring schemes, but are they planned and optimised to deliver the best results? First published in the Mandarin, here are some actionable ideas to improve mentoring programs. In its traditional sense, mentoring refers to a more senior person (the mentor) providing guidance and support to a less experienced person (the mentee).…
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Mental health matters: where’s our head at with workplace wellbeing?

Is it acceptable to raise mental health issues in the workplace, or is it still largely seen as a career-limiting move? How much can or should organisations do to promote mental health and wellbeing at work? James Judge examines these questions in a recent article, originally published in the Mandarin. This month is designated Mental…
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Robust Recruitment - News and Insights

Robust recruitment: avoiding ‘intermittent grandiose hyper-mania’

Dodgy recruiters cutting corners will put your agency’s reputation at risk, especially if candidate references aren’t thoroughly checked. The Mandarin associate publisher James Judge’s tips for finding the answers you need. When recruitment goes wrong Last week the chief information officer at SA’s Department of Premier and Cabinet, Veronica Theriault, was arrested and charged after having already been…
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Improving public sector middle management: what does it really take?

This is a post published in the Mandarin by our CEO James Judge The challenge for public sector middle managers is to focus on longer term goals – and their own development needs – while attending to the pressure of shorter-term demands “Regardless of what high-potential initiative the CEO chooses for the company, the middle…
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Learning and Development in the PS - News and Insights

Are learning & development models in the public sector working, or just fads?

Below is a piece written by our CEO James Judge on Learning and Development Spending for the People and Capability section of the online publication –   “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” — John Wanamaker   Learning and Development In my last article introducing our People and Capability section…
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The Mandarin launches new People and Capability Section

Below is a piece written by our CEO James Judge for the launch of a new People and Capability section in the online publication –   “Whenever I’m interested in something, I know the timing’s off, because I’m always interested in the right thing at the wrong time. I should just be getting interested…
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Navigating Employment and Engagement Issues in the Middle East

This post is by our Middle East based Associate, Michael Pyers. Michael has been advising on a range of Industrial Relations, Immigration and Human Resources issues in the Middle East since 2008. He is the owner of Total HR & ER and currently resides in the Kingdom of Bahrain.   The Middle-East Mosaic The importance of…
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Unique Leadership of Minority Women Conference

Just to let my network know of this conference, the Unique Leadership of Minority Women, coming up on 27th September 2017. It is being held at Parliament House in NSW. The Minister for Women, The Hon Tanya Davies, will be giving the Opening Address and launching a research Report of minority women’s leadership in Australia. I…
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Diversity and Inclusion - News and Insights

Research project on diversity and inclusion

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Sydney University is conducting a research project empirically testing a theoretical model of organisational culture in relation to diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces. They are looking for organisations to participate. The research parameters involve 5 people in your organisation to participate in a 90 minute focus group…
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