Helping you understand and respond to emergent issues impacting on the world of work. 

The Changing Workplace

As the rate of change to the nature of work (and the workplace itself) grows exponentially, it is critical that leaders and teams keep abreast of emergent issues impacting on the world of work.

We run tailored seminars on topical and disruptive issues impacting on the world of work. See below and also our News and Insights page for the types of topics we explore and present on.

We also run awareness-raising sessions using a variety of tools and techniques to help you understand the values, motivators and preferences of your team team members. This is a vital support to help you enhance team cohesion and empower your leaders and employees.


Facilitated Discussions

Why Good People do Bad Things- How to Avoid Corporate Governance Disasters.

We partner with A.C. Ping to present you with an insightful discussion on how to avoid corporate governance disasters. Alistair was a futures trader in the late 1980’s and 1990s. Since leaving the financial markets, he has worked for the homeless, travelled the world and written a series of books now translated into 11 languages. He now teaches personal mastery, ethics and leadership and is the Colin Brain Governance Fellow at QUT, Graduate School of Business.

The Workplace Implications of Family Violence. 

Family violence is a significant issue in Australia with an alarming number of women experiencing some form of abuse at some stage of their life. In this seminar we explore the social and economic costs of family violence while examining some models to help participants understand the nature of family violence. We discuss its impacts in the workplace and look at developments in the policy and legislative spheres (including major changes over the last 12 months). Importantly, we examine barriers to disclosure and consider some responses organisations can take.

Countering Unconscious Bias. 

Unconscious bias is often discussed in the context of promoting inclusion but unconscious bias is not just a diversity issue, it's a “whole of business” issue.  We have partnered with Glenda May, a sought after international speaker, facilitator, corporate psychologist, coach and mentor to cover the psychology of unconscious bias, including types of bias as well as its evolutionary value. We examine how biases affect everyday interactions and the relationship between bias, decision making and innovation. Bias-countering strategies are also discussed.

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