Helping you investigate, manage and improve behaviours in the workplace.


Although we spend a lot of our adult lives at work, we don’t always get to choose with whom we work. Sometimes individuals or groups in organisations can engage in behaviours that breach standards of decency or maybe even break laws that relate to bullying, victimisation or discrimination.

In these situations, rules of procedural fairness dictate that those making a decision regarding disciplinary action shouldn’t also be those investigating and making findings of fact.

We have the experience and sensitivity to help you enquire and investigate behaviours at work. Support could include a formal investigation conducted by a neutral third party, an enquiry into existing work practices, a review of relevant policies and procedures, or recommendations on developmental needs for staff.


Sometimes we find ourselves in conflict with another person and just can’t seem to find a way to resolve our differences. It could be a colleague, a supervisor or maybe even an external client.

Often people have the desire, but not the skills, to work through these challenging inter-personal situations. Avoidance can be a common approach, one which fails when issues finally flair-up, become too much for one of the parties involved or transform into a bigger dispute.

Our nationally accredited mediators offer you a confidential, structured process, enabling you to work out your own solutions to these sorts of problems. This can also be useful in difficult return to work cases where people have been away for extended periods of time.

We can also coach your managers and train staff, giving them the confidence to have difficult conversations and to resolve their differences in a civil manner.


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