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We help you create more productive teams through specific tools and supports including best practice mentoring & coaching programs

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We run facilitated discussions on a number of emergent trends and disruptive forces impacting upon the world of work.  

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We help you overcome workplace conflict, build organisational capacity to deal with disputes and investigate behaviours at work

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Our affordable HR Audit gives you peace of mind in knowing that your policies and recruitment practices are up to date


Starting with an affordably HR Audit to ensure your policies and practices are up to date, we also provide specific advice to shift your people practices beyond compliance to competitive advantage.

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We run sessions and use tools to help you better engage and motivate employees. We also design and deliver best practice mentoring & coaching programs.

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We run facilitated discussions on topical issues including: the workplace implications of family violence, managing remote workers, engaging and motivating staff and resolving workplace conflict.

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We investigate and advise on behaviours at work. This includes independent mediation and interventions to resolve conflict and build harmonious workplaces.

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Bean counter or being counted? challenges facing public sector CFOs

What does it take to be an effective CFO in the public sector? And what can finance professionals ...

Mentoring matters: five tips to help ensure program effectiveness

Lots of organisations have mentoring schemes, but are they planned and optimised to deliver the best results? First ...
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Mental health matters: where’s our head at with workplace wellbeing?

Is it acceptable to raise mental health issues in the workplace, or is it still largely seen as ...
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Robust recruitment: avoiding ‘intermittent grandiose hyper-mania’

Dodgy recruiters cutting corners will put your agency’s reputation at risk, especially if candidate references aren’t thoroughly checked. ...

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What Our Clients Say...

" I wanted to thank you again personally for what you did in the mediation yesterday. I really feel we cleared everything up. I just wish I had been able to have the conversation 12 months ago before any of it got to this stage."

Mediation participant          

" James has a range of services he provides, and has successfully helped me last year with some fantastic mediation results. "

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Manager, Public Hospital          

" Thank you so much for talking to us about effective performance management. I agree with everything you said. What is required in this area is just a massive reframe! "

Coordinator, HR Group