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Australian Human Resource Professionals was founded to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of modern human resource practices and to assist in bringing people and teams together to work more effectively, productively, and harmoniously.

The starting point for many is our HR Health Check, providing you with peace of mind in knowing that your policies and practices are up to date (or clearly identifying what you need to do to make that happen).

We also provide tailored engagement surveys to give you real insights into how and where your people are at right now and help you build more effective and productive workplaces, with enhanced levels of civility and connection.

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Modern Work Space


Whether size business you’re running, it can be hard to keep up with the complex range of ever-changing regulatory and legal requirements that impact upon you and your workforce.

Our HR Health Check is designed to give you peace of mind and help avoid costly litigation and reputational issues that can occur when you have poorly worded or out of date policies and processes. 

We can also help you revise and create better people policies and practices if that's what you need.



Sometimes we find ourselves in conflict with another person and can’t seem to a way to resolve our differences. It could be a colleague, a supervisor or maybe even a client.

We offer a range of services to help you understand and resolve complex conflict situations (and help build this capacity within people and teams).

We can also help with difficult return to work cases and can assist with independent investigations and reports on behaviours at work.

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Do you really know how your people are feeling and thinking about the workplace and you as a leader? There are probably a few changes you could make to boost engagement and improve employee wellbeing, but it's difficult without any benchmarks.

That's why we provide easy to understand, tailored engagement surveys, giving you real insight into how and where your people are at, right now. 

We can also help to get employees and teams working together more effectively, productively and harmoniously, through a range of proven approaches.

Stang-up Meeting

Mediation participant

I wanted to thank you again personally for what you did in the mediation yesterday. I really feel we cleared everything up. I just wish I had been able to have the conversation 12 months ago before any of it got to this stage.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Manager, Public Hospital

James has a range of services he provides, and has successfully helped me last year with some fantastic mediation results.

Coordinator, HR Group

Thank you so much for talking to us about effective performance management. I agree with everything you said. What is required in this area is just a massive reframe!.

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