Managing Workplace Conflict

Work as Art

The art of avoiding & resolving workplace conflict – Some practical measures for managers

The art of avoiding and resolving workplace conflict – Some practical measures for managers Mary Parker Follett famously described management as “…the art of getting things done through people.” The choice of the word art, not science, serves as a reminder that avoiding and resolving workplace conflict, surely a component of great management, is a similar…

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Resolving Conflict

Managing workplace conflict – The importance of effective policies and support structures

A measure all organisations should implement to better manage workplace conflict is to have: concise grievance policies and processes, written in plain language, that are regularly updated, and emphasise a range of options and stages in the handling of conflict. The setting of timeframes, defined roles and proper procedural fairness considerations are also critical from…

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Managing conflict in the workplace – The importance of early intervention

Who hasn’t struggled at some stage with challenging relationships in the workplace? It could be your boss, a subordinate or even someone from another area of your organisation that you have to work with to get a specific project completed. When you consider that most of us spend around 50% of our waking hours at…

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