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Review your HR policies and practices

Dec 4 2019

This year saw many large, iconic Australian brands found underpaying wages

The end of the year presents the perfect opportunity for many organisations to audit Human Resource polices and practices. Our HR Health Check reviews your practices and provides a written report outlining areas of non-compliance (and areas for improvement) to give you piece of mind moving into 2020!
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Interview with Gus McLachlan on Leadership

Oct 23 2019

Major General Gus McLachlan AO (Ret’d) on Leadership in the digital age

Having served at all levels, including leadership roles overseeing some of the largest and most complex teams in Australia, Gus was able to provide invaluable insights on a host of topics.
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Tech tips on safety

Sep 23 2019

Some tips on technology safety for targets of domestic violence

There are numerous ways that technology can be used to violate someone’s privacy and control their freedom and independence. This guide provides practical tips on technological safety, including how to better secure your phone, laptop and desktop computers. The Esafety site also provides additional information aimed at empowering Australian women to take control of their…
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domestic violence

Jul 16 2019

Domestic and family violence in the workplace

Episode 10 of the HR Breakfast Club podcast features a discussion with Janice Hadgraft from White Ribbon and James Judge from Australian Human Resource Professionals on the intersection of domestic & family violence and the workplace.  This can present complex and challenging situations for both managers and HR practitioners.
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HR Health Check Logo

May 29 2019

Are your HR policies and practices up to date?

Why you might need an HR Health check. In many small to medium businesses, resources are stretched. Business owners and managers often end up addressing people and workplace issues only when they become too important to ignore. Over time this can lead to human resource policies and practices containing contradictory and inconsistent provisions, putting you…
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Mar 18 2019

Research Project on the Supported Wage System

Dr Rosemary Lysaght, a visiting Canadian professor currently at the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney, is doing some research into the Supported Wage System we have in Australia. This scheme is a somewhat idiosyncratic approach globally and Rosemary is seeking input from employers who have hired someone (or considered…
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Drug Testing

Feb 25 2019

Workplace drug & alcohol testing – a seminar for developing a workplace program

Workplace drug & alcohol testing - a one day seminar in Sydney on 22 March for developing a workplace AOD program
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Internet Safety Article

Dec 4 2018

Practical tips for internet safety and reporting sexual harassment at work

The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women One of the readers of my blog sent me a link to this internet safety guide It includes practical ways to protect yourself from online harassment on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. It also has useful advice on reporting sexual harassment at work, using online dating…
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Responding to family and domestic violence

Jul 24 2018

Are you ready to manage the FWC’s decision on family and domestic violence leave?

In a decision earlier this year the Fair Work Commission (FWC) confirmed that all employees should have access to unpaid family and domestic violence leave. Coming into operation from 1 August, modern awards will include a clause that provides for five days’ unpaid leave per annum to all employees (including casuals) experiencing family and domestic violence. This leave…
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People and Culture podcast

Jul 16 2018

The People and Culture Podcast – In conversation with Erma Ranieri, SA Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

The People & Culture Podcast is a series of in-depth discussions with practitioners and leading experts on emergent trends impacting on the shape of the future workforce. Recorded late last year (before her appointment as acting head of the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet) in this in this episode I ask Erma about…
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