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Managing conflict in the workplace – The importance of early intervention

Who hasn’t struggled at some stage with challenging relationships in the workplace? It could be your boss, a subordinate or even someone from another area of your organisation that you have to work with to get a specific project completed. When you consider that most of us spend around 50% of our waking hours at…
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The workplace implications of domestic and family violence

As part of our commitment to keeping leaders abreast of topical issues impacting on the world of work, we are presenting a session on the Workplace Implications of Family Violence at the ACT office of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) on Tuesday 13th of September. Domestic and family violence is a significant and ongoing…
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Case study: Mediation as a tool for improving return-to-work outcomes

We were approached by an organisation planning the graduated return to work of a senior staff member after an absence of around half a year. This absence was brought about because of a psychological injury that the employee had sustained at work. Psychological injuries are some of the most prevalent, lengthy and expensive to resolve.…
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Are you getting a return on your learning and development investment?

There is an anecdote that recounts a CFO asking a CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”. To which the CEO states, “OK. But what happens if we don’t …and they stay?” In Australia today, every medium to large organisation spends something on the learning and development…
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Brainstorming: It doesn’t work. But can it be useful?

The idea of “brainstorming” was first articulated by renowned ad man Alex Osborn in his 1948 bestseller Your Creative Power. Since then it’s become a widely-used technique in many consultant and manager tool kits. One of the central principles of brainstorming is to remove criticism and negative feedback. This is to supposedly allow people to…
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