Our HR Health Check provides you with peace of mind in knowing your policies and practices are up to date. Click here to contact us to arrange an HR Health Check.

We also run facilitated discussions on a range of topical and disruptive issues including:

  • The workplace implications of family violence
  • Managing remote workers - tips and traps
  • Building resilience in teams and
  • Motivating and engaging employees

See here for some of the popular facilitated discussions on workplace issues we run. 


Human Resource Professionals


Sometimes we find ourselves in conflict with another person and can’t seem to find a way to resolve our differences. It could be a colleague, a supervisor or maybe even a client.

We offer a range of services to help you understand and resolve complex people and culture issues in the workplace and to build this capacity in leaders and managers.

We can also help with difficult return to work cases and when required, can assist with independent investigations and reports on behaviours at work.



Maintaining employee motivation is a major challenge for most organisations. Research consistently shows that the majority of employees globally are disengaged with a subsequent impact upon productivity and persistence of effort.

Depending upon your circumstances, we deploy different specific approaches to lift engagement, creating actionable strategies to increase team insight and to build team resilience.

  1. If there has been significant change in the composition of a team - we commonly start by looking at work preferences.
  2. Where there are noticeable issues with motivation - we begin by examining and unlocking hidden motivators
  3. If there have been significant pressures and uncertainty  - the focus is on building resilience.

We also design and deliver best practice mentoring & coaching programs to create long terms support to engage specific groups (including middle managers and new recruits).


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