Engage & develop employees through mentoring, coaching and HR policy alignment.
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Mentoring can be an extremely effective and low cost method to effectively build capacity and awareness among specific groups of employees.

We design and implement mentoring programs incorporating evidence informed, best-practice. We also measure return on investment to maximise both organisational and individual development goals.

If you are interested in Stand By Me - our Pilot mentoring program specifically designed for emerging leaders in the community and not for profit sectors - please click on the link above to provide us with your details.

We are delighted to be partnering with ACTCOSS to run and evaluate this program.


Our service combines a robust, evidence based methodology with a team of carefully selected, deeply experienced coaches. The coaches we work with are purposefully drawn from a range of backgrounds and bring a wealth of diverse experience and profound insight to any coaching relationship.

We understand that the success of a coaching program depends on four factors:

  • the skill of coaches,
  • support from senior management,
  • the quality of the working relationship between the coach and the person accessing coaching, and
  • the effective management of confidentiality issues.

Each coaching assignment includes a meeting with the person being coached and that person’s supervisor to ensure alignment of the needs of the individual with desired organisational outcomes. We also involve the person accessing the coaching in reporting back to the organisation on progress made. Confidentiality is something that is discussed and captured in the coaching agreements we use in every coaching relationship.

Policy Alignment

A recent international survey by Gallup of 230,000 workers in 142 countries found that only 13% of workers feel engaged in their jobs. The vast majority, 87%, are either “not engaged” meaning they are unhappy but not drastically so, or are “actively disengaged” meaning they hate their jobs. This means that most workplaces are drastically less productive than they could be.

We work with organisations to ensure policies and procedures are designed to attract and engage the right staff. Our approach starts with a simple HR Health Check but where desired, can encompass a deep investigation of the possible barriers to selecting, retaining and developing the best people.

Our experience is that ensuring that people policies and procedures are aligned to your strategic attraction and retention goals is an often overlooked piece of the engagement puzzle.

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